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We are guided by our core values which we live by:

Respect and Value People We treat all people, as we wish to be treated: with dignity, respect, compassion and a positive attitude.

We recognize our ethnic, cultural and religious diversity. We respect and value each person's uniqueness as a contributing member of the team. We offer equal opportunity to everyone for personal growth and development in a safe, healthy and team-oriented environment.

Integrity We have high moral and ethical standards of behavior. We are honest, trustworthy, fair, ethical and honorable in all personal and company relationships and actions.

Stewardship We are good stewards of all resources entrusted to us, including our people and our physical and financial resources. We create environments, which preserve, develop and enhance the value of these resources.

Service to Others We consistently provide exceptional services and values to our customers, our team members, our business partners, our communities and society. Our high quality services and performance are achieved through trustworthy, value-based servant-hood leaders who develop, empower and support our creative, talented and dedicated team members.

We live these core values through personal discipline in all our thoughts, words and actions.