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SUMMA Moldova

                Construction Company

  "Summa Turizm Yatirimciligi" A.S. (Turkey) was established in 1989 in Ankara to undertake international construction projects as General Contractor.

Nowadays "Summa" SA is an international construction company having its representations in such countries as Turkey, Russia, USA, Romania as well as Moldova.

SUMMA SRL (Moldova) is a dynamic and fast growing Moldovan Company. It is an exclusive construction company in Moldova which develops till nowadays, having in its portfolio construction and investment projects such as: Airport Terminal Building; "Green Hills" Market, Botanica; "Leogrant" hotel; "New York" bowling Club; Convention Center; residential buildings "Crown Plaza" and "Crown Plaza Park"; Commercial and Entertainment Center "MALL DOVA"; "Medpark" International Hospital and Surgical bloc of the Republican Clinical Hospital (Moldova).

Thanks to our employees, industrial know-how and financial power, we always manage to surpass the competition in everything from preliminary design to contract execution and project development.

Activity in Moldova

SUMMA International

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 Hotel and Convention
 Residential complex
 Shopping mall

 SUMMA is an international   company which was set up in Turkey   35 years ago. Today Summa has   offices on 5 continents. Please also  see www.summa.com.tr

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